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 *Starring~ Kaya*

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*Starring~ Kaya* Empty
PostSubject: *Starring~ Kaya*   *Starring~ Kaya* EmptyTue Aug 03, 2010 11:47 pm

Name: Kaya

Age: 19

Work Desired: Artist

Birthday: Spring 7

Store Name: Doodlez for You~ I live in a flat above it.
The Thing I Love the Best in the World: Making people happy... even though I can be a turd muffin sometimes Smile

3 Thing I Like: Dairy Products, Art, and Flowers.

3 Thing I Dislike: Any Fish Recipes, Spinach, and Onions.

The Thing I Absolutely Hate: Weeds.

If you ask me what I wanna look like, I'd say this: Hair- Dirty Blonde. Eyes- Emerald Green. Has a permanent scar under her right eye that looks like a moon. Wears a blue-striped hoodie shirt.
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*Starring~ Kaya*
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